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An association may impose fines for violations... click for more info!

FINES & PENALTIES A.R.S. 33-1803 (B) A.S.S. 33-1807 / CONDO A.R. S. 33-1242

After notice and an opportunity to be heard, an association or its board of directors, may impose reasonable monetary penalties on members for violations of the declaration, bylaws and rules of the association. Associations no longer have the right to record a lien against the lot/unit for unpaid fines and penalties. Associations can enforce payment of these fines by: 1. filing a lawsuit against the owner; 2. obtaining a judgment against the owner; AND 3.recording the judgment with the county recorderís office. After the judgment is recorded, the association has a lien that is effective upon the conveyance of the property or paid at the time of the sale of the unit/lot. Alternately, the association can collect the judgment through garnishing wages, rent or any bank account held by the owner against whom the association has a judgment.