The Arizona Legislature opened the Fifty-fifth First Regular Session on Monday, January 11, 2021. Our firm anticipates that there will be numerous community association bills introduced this legislative session.  Every week during the legislative session, Mulcahy Law Firm P.C. will provide this summary of proposed bills impacting community associations.

If you would like to be involved in the legislative process, please go to the Arizona Legislature website,, to find lists of legislators, phone numbers, and calendars regarding committee work. Or, please feel free to contact Beth Mulcahy, Esq. any time with questions regarding the status of bills or the legislative process.

Please stay tuned for legislative developments over the next 6 months!

HB2030- Homeowners’ Associations; First Responder Flags

This bill would add a flag that represents one or more categories of first responders to the list of flags that an Association cannot prohibit. Applies to  Planned Communities and Condominiums.

HB2052- Homeowners’ Associations; Political; Community Activity 

This bill would prevent an Association from prohibiting or unreasonably restricting a unit owner’s ability to peacefully assemble and use private or common elements if done in compliance with reasonable restrictions for use of the property adopted by the Board of Directors. The members may organize to discuss Association business. A Member may invite a political candidate or non-member guest to speak at the assembly.

This bill also has a technical correction to make the language defining political sign clearer.

“Political sign” would mean:

  1. A sign that attempts to influence the outcome of an election, including supporting or opposing the recall of a public officer or supporting or opposing the circulation of a petition for a ballot measure,  question or proposition or the recall of a public officer.
  2. A sign regarding any activity to elect or remove condominium directors or to circulate or oppose petitions for actions in the condominium or in support of or opposition to condominium ballot measures or other questions.

Applies to both condos and planned communities.