Associations in Crisis:  Practical Advice for Associations with Problems- 

Calling all associations who need help and need it fast… Does your Association board have in-fighting between each other?  Do you have disgruntled owners in your association who make wild and untrue accusations against your board at meetings and on NextDoor?  Are you a homeowner who thinks your board isn’t following the law or running your association like a business?  Are you having trouble finding people to serve on your board?  Does your association have common areas falling into disrepair?  Does your association lack the funds necessary to pay monthly bills or to invest in capital improvements?  Are your association’s documents so outdated that they are difficult to understand or enforce?  Do your board meetings last too long?  Does your association have owners who aren’t paying assessments or violating association documents on a regular basis?  Every association has unique challenges.  This class will give advice regarding common association problems, show board members and owners how to work together, and create a successful and productive association.   A portion of the class will be reserved to answer questions for attendees about problems their associations.