2021 Legislative Update and How to Handle Difficult Owners

 A Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C. community association attorney will explain and remove the confusion from each of the community association bills passed in the most recent legislative session. The steps required of your association to reach compliance will be spelled out. We will also cover some tips for effectively dealing with “3D” (Difficulty, Disgruntled and Dangerous) Owners in a HOA/Condo. In our experience, “3D” (difficult, disgruntled and dangerous) owners in associations cause undue stress and anxiety for board members and managers. We understand and we want to help you! This class will provide tips for board members and managers on how to effectively handle and work with “3D” owners. Also, this class will discuss what legal remedies board members and managers have if difficult and disgruntled owners cross the line and become a danger to board members, managers and an HOA/condo.  As always, there will be a free Q and A at the end of each class!