COVID-19 Update and How to Handle Difficult Owners

Tips for Effectively Dealing with “3D” (Difficulty, Disgruntled and Dangerous) Owners in a HOA/Condo-  Has the recent COVID-19 pandemic brought out bad behavior and fighting in your association? Does your Association have angry and upset owners? In our experience, “3D” (difficult, disgruntled and dangerous) owners in associations cause undue stress and anxiety for board members and managers. We understand and we want to help you! This class will provide tips for board members and managers on how to effectively handle and work with “3D” owners . Also, this class will discuss what legal remedies board members and managers have if difficult and disgruntled owners cross the line and become a danger to board members, managers and an HOA/condo. A Mulcahy attorney will be virtually present during the entire virtual seminar to answer questions from attendees.