Variations of the question below have been asked by board members and managers several times in our recent virtual seminars…  

Is our HOA/condo required to allow a TENANT/RENTER to speak at our monthly board meeting?

Tenants may only attend board meetings if the owner designates that tenant, in writing, as his/her representative. Or alternatively, if the board allows tenants to attend board meetings Tenants may speak on behalf of the owner at the board meeting if the tenant is a designated representative of the owner in writing. 

So, if a tenant/renter has been designated as an owner’s representative, that tenant/renter is allowed to attend and speak at an appropriate time during the deliberations and proceeding of all open meetings of the association, board of directors and regularly scheduled committee meetings. Association boards are required to permit all members/designated representatives to speak once after the board has discussed a specific agenda item at an open board meeting but before the board takes formal action on that item in addition to other opportunities to speak.

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