When it comes to community associations, no news is good news. Unfortunately, when community associations do make the news, the media coverage they receive is often negative. Below are some tips to follow if your association is contacted by the media.

  1. Contact your community association attorney!
    • Your attorney can help develop a strategy and assess the issues’ merits.
  1. Designate a representative to handle media inquiries.
    • It might also be a good idea to have a backup representative, just in case.
  1. Determine whether/how to address the media.
    • The Association may want to decline to comment, agree to issue a statement, or agree to an interview depending on the circumstances.
  1. If the Association agrees to an interview, make sure to use the following tips:
    • Be professional! (appearance, language, body language)
    • Be prepared – know your talking points and be prepared for likely questions.
    • If the story is negative, be empathetic and respectful.
    • Avoid “no comment” answers – if possible.
Dealing With The Media