The HOT temperatures have neighbors escaping the heat at community pools and other bodies of water. For the fifth weekend in a row there has been a deadly water-related incident on Lake Pleasant, and there have been several other water-related accidents at private pools throughout the Valley since the beginning of the year. With Memorial Day weekend ahead, we want to share important water safety reminders!

Remember, drowning happens quickly, suddenly and often silently. Young children (ages 1-4) have the highest rate for drowning according to American Red Cross, however, as evident by the recent lake accidents, no age is immune to drowning or othe water-related injuries. Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging people to take swimming lessongs prior to heading to the lake, always practice boat safety and wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest when on the water.

As for pool safety, below are some valuable tips associations should strongly consider–

  • If you have the option and the finances to hire a lifeguard, seriouslhy consider doing that for the peak season/days
  • Pool rules should be clearly posted
  • Encourage pool users to swin with a buddy; never swim alone
  • Never take your eyes off a young child at the pool
  • Use non-slip materials on surfaces such as pool decks, diving boards and ladders to prevent pool-goers from falling/slipping
  • A fence of at least six feet (or whatever your city or county code requires) should surround all side of the pool with a locked gate
  • Check (or have a vendor check) the pool often for cleanliness and upkeep
  • Have a sign posted on the pool deck which provides the address of the pool (in case a pool-user needs to provide the address of the pool to a 9-1-1 dispatcher). If your pool has a phone, this sign should be posted near the phone.
  • Make sure that any railings to be used to get in and out of the pool are properly insulated from heat so that no one burns themselves when they climb in or out of the pool.
  • Prohibit alcohol in the pool area

If the association’s CC&Rs allow the board to revoke residents’ common area pool privileges for violations of the pool rules and regulations, our firm suggests that the board revoke pool privileges for violations of pool safety rule(s).

Lastly, associations have an obligation to attempt to prevent injury and make residents aware of the risks and potential dangers associated with bodies of water (including pools, canals, lakes, storm drains after monsoon rain, etc.) at the community. Please contact our firm at with questions related to reducing liability for the community and ensuring safety at community pools and/or bodies of water.

Have a great summer and be safe in and out of the water!


Drowning is Preventable!