As we step into the season of festivities, we have a couple questions for you: Has your association adopted a holiday decoration policy? And does that policy encompass Halloween decorations?

We’ve already seen some great Halloween displays making headlines on the news! From the eerie to the extravagant, it’s clear that the spirit of Halloween is alive and well. For those associations who haven’t yet considered it, now might be the perfect time to adopt or review your Holiday Lights/Decorations policy. This ensures fairness, uniformity, and a spooktacular atmosphere for all.

Here are some suggestions to consider this Halloween (and in preparation for the holiday season):

  • Avoid a total ban on Halloween and holiday decorations – most courts consider a ban unreasonable;
  • Ensure that any Halloween and holiday-related rules are applied equally to all residents within the community;
  • Engage the community through surveys or public meetings to gather opinions about decorations before setting restrictions;
  • Establish specific time limits for Halloween and holiday decorations and lighting (for example, from the start of October through January 8);
  • To ensure safety, remind residents to avoid overloading electrical circuits with lighting;
  • Highlight the potential danger of electrical cords and request that owners keep them out of reach of trick-or-treaters;
  • Specify that decorations and lights should be rated for outdoor use with no exposed wiring;
  • Set designated hours for lights, eerie music, and Halloween festivities to be switched on and off (for example, by 10 p.m. each night), provide a maximum brightness for lights, and establish a maximum decibel level for any spooky tunes;
  • Regularly remind residents about the decorating policy and safety requirements through the association’s newsletter, website, and bulletin board;
  • Consider forming a committee to decorate common areas, and if needed, residents can generously contribute lights and decorations;
  • Host a Halloween and holiday decorating contest to foster community spirit, offering donated prizes and recognition in the newsletter or website to the spookiest winner;
  • Craft a policy regarding “Haunted Houses” or other Halloween-related events in homes that are open to the public.

Implementing and enforcing a comprehensive Halloween and Holiday Decorations Policy ensures that your community enjoys the season in a safe and festive manner. Remember, we’re here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. If you’d like more information on adopting or revising a holiday decoration policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone at 602.241.1093 or via e-mail at

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