Question: We have a resident that has their casita and home on VRBO and Airbnb as a short term rental despite the fact that short term rentals are against our association’s CC&Rs. He has received notice and is now being fined, however refuses to pull the listing. Does our HOA have any legal actions we can take against the homeowner?

Answer: Yes. The association has many different legal options to handle this situation:

(1) Fine the owner under Arizona law for the violation of the association’s documents (after notice of the violation and an opportunity to be heard);
(2) Hire the Association’s attorney send a letter to the owner or call the owner and threaten a lawsuit for the violation (all legal fees will be passed along to the owner);
(3) File a lawsuit in superior court asking the court to grant a mandatory permanent injunction compelling the owner to stop renting the unit/lot in violation of the CCRs;
(4) File a petition with the Arizona Department of Real Estate for adjudication of the issue by an administrative law judge; and
(5) Send a letter to the online rental agencies listed above demanding that they take down the short term rental since it violates the Association’s CCRs.

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