It’s Annual Meeting Season! Our firm has been busy helping clients prepare for and execute successful annual meetings. After all, the Association’s annual meeting is the Association’s TIME TO SHINE!

Tips to Increase Annual Meeting Attendance
  • Announce the annual meeting date, time, and location in as many places as possible
  • Plan and publicize a social event after or before the meeting and include food
  • Give away door prizes or conduct a raffle (vendors of the association may be willing to donate door prizes)
  • Give away awards for best lawn, flowers, best holiday decorations, etc.
  • Establish a program; have a discussion on hot topics such as increasing the assessment rate, crime or common area improvements
  • Arrange for guest speaker(s)(politicians, association attorney, landscaper, city officials, etc.)
  • Aggressively pursue mail-in or absentee ballots
  • Acknowledge and thank all of the volunteer work association members have contributed and give written certificates or a written thank you from the board
For more suggestions and advice when it comes to annual meetings, visit our firm’s Cheat Sheet entitled How to Conduct Successful Annual Meetings.
Increase Annual Meeting Attendance