Dear Cyber-Followers:

It was another interesting week at the Arizona Legislature!    After 96 days in session, 106 bills have passed and 105 have been signed by the governor. Last week was all about the budget and everything else was placed on a giant “pause”.  It is rumored that the budget will be passed this week and once the budget is passed it is a “50 yard dash” to the finish of the legislative session.  It is uncertain whether the 5 bills on the one yard line that we are watching will pass this year.

A looming deadline for this week is April 23, 2016, the date required for sine die adjournment unless leaders extend the deadline.

As a friendly reminder, two weeks ago, the first community association bill was signed by Governor Ducey (HB2172, Design; Architectural Committees;  Review).  Under HB2172, a board or an architectural committee’s approval of construction projects, architectural designs, plans and amendments shall not be “unreasonably withheld”.  However, the Arizona Legislature failed to define “unreasonably”.  It is our opinion that once this law becomes effective, boards and architectural committees should strive to approve or disapprove construction projects, architectural designs, plans and amendments within 30-45 days of receipt to meet the intent of this new law.

Click here for our summary and link to the summary.

Stay tuned, this is going to be an exciting week!

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