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We are 68 days into the 2016 legislative session!   A  typical goal for each legislative session is to have all work finished by the 100th day.  In 2015, the Arizona legislature finished its work surprisingly fast (in 81 days).  It is unlikely that this session will end that early this year, however, it is anticipated that the session will end before the 100th day.

As of last Friday, there have been 1,219 bills introduced, 66 bills passed and 46 bills signed by Governor Ducey this session.   There have still been no community association bills passed by the legislature as of last Friday.

Our firm is on the lookout for “striker bills”.  A “striker” is a bill that was introduced with one purpose, and then gets completely new language that gives the bill an entirely different purpose.  An upcoming deadline on our radar is April 15, 2016 which is the last day for conference committees in the legislature.

Last week we dropped 6 bills from our summary sheet that we believed were not going anywhere this legislative session.  This week we are adding two new bills (SB1449 and SB1350) that could affect associations (drones; vacation and short term rentals) but are not changes to the Arizona Condominium Act or the Planned Communities Act.

Our firm is very closely watching the following bills at this juncture:  HB2106, HB2172, HB2382, SB1449 and SB1350.

Please see the link below to the latest summary of all pending bills pertaining to community associations.

AZ Community Law Legislative Update (2016)

Stay tuned!  Things should definitely start heating up in the next few weeks!

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