The installation of artificial grass in community associations is becoming an increasingly pressing topic. With the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ (AWDR) goal of sustainable water supplies by 2030 in mind, it would certainly make sense for artificial turf to become a popular means of reducing water usage for property owners.

Therefore, with the expectation of water reductions for associations in the coming years, it is not surprising that the Arizona Legislature is working on bills relating to this topic. HB2131 is on its second read in the Senate as of March 1, 2022. Were it to become law, this bill would prevent an association from adopting rules prohibiting the installation or use of artificial grass on any member’s property, so long as it does not cause health or safety concerns.

For more information about HB2131 regarding artificial grass, check out our Pending Arizona Legislation Summary.

With this new bill up for consideration in the House and the AWDR’s water sustainability goals, it appears that Arizona is certainly trending towards encouraging conservation measures like artificial grass and turf. And, with the improvements that have been made to the quality of artificial turf over the years, this water-saving alternative is significantly more appealing and aesthetically pleasing than it has been in the past.

Ultimately, with the way AZ is heading and the potential for a news law to be passed by the legislature on this topic, it is our recommendation that associations should allow owners to install artificial grass if the community already allows real grass in its landscaping. However, the installation should be conducted in a professional manner and maintained in accordance with the association’s rules and regulations. 


Artificial Turf: A HOT Topic in AZ