How can your Board of Directors become the Golden State Warriors of community associations?  While it might seem silly to compare multi-millionaire athletes playing professional sports to volunteer board members of a non-profit corporation, there are a number of similar underlying keys to success.

  • Teamwork: the Warriors are known for playing unselfish, “team” basketball. In much the same way, your Board can achieve success by acting as a team, prioritizing the interests of the community ahead of the interest of any individuals, and playing to the strengths of each individual Board Member.
  • Leadership & Determination: the Warriors lost the 2016 NBA Finals, but used that loss as a road map to avoid similar mistakes and to fuel their 2017 NBA Championship. Similarly, your Board should learn from its mistakes, or mistakes made by prior Boards, to improve future performance.  Furthermore, if your community endures difficult times, the Board will be relied upon for guidance and leadership.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: the Warriors credit much of their incredible play to hard work and practice. Board Members can “practice” by familiarizing themselves with the community’s governing documents and applicable Arizona laws, being prepared for Board Meeting and Meetings of the Members, and committing to a Code of Conduct.

Although performing at an elite level on your Board may not earn you fame and fortune, you will be doing a great service to yourself and your community.  Please visit for more helpful information on becoming a championship Board Member!