“The bylaws are formally adopted regulations for the administration and management of a community association. bylaws address such topics as:

1) Requirements for membership in the community association.
2) Requirements for membership meetings.
3) Voting rights of member owners.
4) Procedures for electing the board of directors;
5) Qualification of directors.
6) Procedures for the board of directors to elect officers.
7) General powers and duties of the board; and
8) Provision for indemnification of officers and directors.”

Bylaws are not typically recorded with the County Recorder’s office in Arizona. Rather, the official bylaws of the association are kept with the corporate records of the association.
For more information regarding the legal documents in an association, please review our firm’s cheat sheet entitled “What is a Community Association” found undere our Publications Tab.

Source: Community Associations Institute, State Advocacy Key Issues