With the monsoon season officially over for 2015 and our extreme heat hopefully behind us, we probably don’t have to think about what we would do if a flood or dust storm would hit our neighborhood for at least the next 8 months (hopefully!!). But maybe it is a good time to put a plan in place for your Association if you don’t have one, or to review your plan if you haven’t done so in a while. This Southern California Community Association is doing just that!


How can YOUR community association plan for a natural event?

The board of directors, with the assistance of a committee, may want to look at the possibilities of a disaster and what it might do to the community.

What should your association emergency plan look like? The Red Cross is a valuable resource and can help with an assessment to determine the risks the association might face, how to prepare for them and what to do following a natural disaster. Find information at: http://www.redcross.org/find-help. Additionally, the federal government has information on how to plan for emergencies at Ready.gov.

If it is determined that a disaster plan is necessary, the next step is to fully develop the plan and put it in writing. Include association members, local police and ask for information from first responders in the processes to develop the plan. With community buy-in the plan is more likely to be viable and succeed, should it become necessary to implement.

When the plan is developed and in writing, it is important to communicate with the members of the association. Use the association’s website, newsletters and bulletin boards to post the plan, and be sure that all association members receive a copy. The association may want to draw attention to the plan each year at the annual meeting.

With luck, your association will not need to implement a disaster plan. However, being prepared should something happen gives the board of directors and association members direction and a sense of peace.

If you require assistance regarding emergencies in community associations please contact Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C.