by Beth Mulcahy, Esq.

It is sometimes a thankless job, and may go unnoticed if the association has a very active and robust President. However far in the background, the Vice President plays an important role for the community association board of directors.

The immediate answer when asked what the vice president does is to substitute for the President in his/her absence. This is an important role and carries the same management and skill sets as the President. The Vice President must be well versed on community issues and ready to step in when asked.

The Vice President may be called upon to preside over the board meeting when the President chooses to stand down from the chair.

Pursuant to Arizona law, in a planned community, a board member must chair the Architectural Review Committee/Design Review Committee (ARC/DRC). The Vice President may act as this chair and serve as an intermediary for this and other committees within the association.

The Vice President plays the role of an active member of the board of directors, staying abreast of the association’s programs and agendas.

The Vice President should keep himself/herself up to date regarding the association’s programs and agendas so that he/she is prepared to chair the meeting when required.

Additionally, please check the association bylaws where you might also find a list of additional responsibilities.

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