Hello Cyber Followers:

The Arizona Republic carried an article today on the 20 most important new laws that will affect Arizonians when they become law on July 3, 2015. Yes, the day before our Independence Day celebration –the 4th of July, unless otherwise dated.

The legislature was active this year; passing 344 bills. Community associations will want to know about the new laws regarding their governance, and as in the past, we are preparing our 2015 Legislative Update.

The important laws for community associations will be summarized and clarified so that you know what your association is expected to do to meet the requirements of these new laws.

We will publish our 2015 Legislative Update on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 and announce when it is posted on our website (www.mulcahylawfirm.net).  Be sure and watch for it!

If you have questions regarding these new laws please call our firm to speak with an attorney.