Hello Cyber Followers:

The legislature is headed toward adjournment and things are moving at the speed of light…

The following bills have been signed into law by Governor Ducey:

HB2032 (Office of Administration Hearings; Construction) – signed 3/17/15

HB 2084 (Condominiums; Planned Communities; Associations; Disclosures) – signed 3/17/15

HB 2578 (Planned Communities, Condominiums Construction Defect Claims) – signed 3/23/15

The following bill is on Governor Ducey’s desk awaiting signature:

SB1048 (Vexatious Litigants; Fees; Costs; Designation)

Our firm is closely watching the following bills this week:

HB2614* (Planned Communities; Architectural Review) – Hearing this afternoon to decide fate of this Bill – 3/24/15

SB1091 (Planned Communities, Board Removal) – transmitted to Senate 3/19/15

SB1452* (Condominiums and Planned Communities; Conflict of Interest, Board Removal Process)

SB1453* (Condominiums and Planned Communities; Enforcement, Elections and Meetings)

*All three of these bills contain language that we feel is detrimental to community association industry. Please consider contacting your legislators to ask them to vote against these three Bills.

For more information on the text of the bills please go to our Publications page and review the Legislative Update Summary .

Stay tuned! It is going to be an exciting week at the legislature!

Beth Mulcahy, Esq.