Beginning on July 3, 2015, pursuant to A.R.S. Section 10-11622(B), all condominium and planned community associations are required to file contact information with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) instead of recording that information with the county in which the association is located. Understandably, this new law has many associations wondering how and when to submit this information. Here’s some additional information about the new law:

  • The required information (name of designated agent/management company, Association address, telephone number, email address, fax number, and website address, if any) must be submitted on a separate page, attached to the association’s Annual Report.
  • There is no form” provided by the ACC to collect and report this information; as long as it is provided on a separate page from the Annual Report, the association will be in compliance with the new rule.
  • Since the Notice of Contact information needs to be submitted as an additional page, an Annual Report must be mailed, and not e-filed. The ACC does not have plans yet to automate collection of this information. [If an association has a “MOD” account, however, it can submit this form electronically.]
  • For any associations that filed their Annual Reports prior to July 3, 2015, the Notice of Contact information is not needed for this calendar year. However, for any associations filing an Annual Report after July 3, 2015 (and going forward) the Notice of Contact sheet must be submitted.
  • The ACC plans to scan and store the Notice of Contact information along with the association’s Annual Report – it will be able to be viewed online as the “last page” to the Annual Report.
  • If the information changes, an amended statement must be filed with the ACC within 30 days of the change.

For a full copy of the new law, click here:

The required information can be submitted in any format. A sample form can be found on Mulcahy Law Firm’s website.

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