Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C. is often asked by community association boards what is the “secret sauce” for creating successful and productive boards. Over the past 16 years of working with associations, I have noticed that successful boards do the following (among other things):

Follow the Law and Association Documents
A hierarchy of state and federal statutes govern the activities of a community association board of directors. In addition, board must also follow their respective CC&Rs, Article of Incorporation, Bylaws and Rules. Each board member should be aware of the legal requirements behind the individual and corporate actions of the board.

Seek and Listen to Homeowner Input
Members of the community association have specific feelings and perceptions that must be recognized by the board. Refusal to listen to the homeowners can cause breaches in the professional relationships that could make the board effective.

Don’t Go with the Lowest Bid
The board of directors is entrusted with important contract decisions and purchases to manage the association, and when in consideration of such, should balance quality and price. Inexpensive solutions may lead to higher costs over time.

Read and Understand the Arizona Open Meeting Law
All board meetings must be noticed 48 hours prior to the board meeting with date and location. All board meetings are to be held in Arizona and in an open forum where a member or designated representative has an opportunity to speak.

Listen to the Experts
Professionals hired by the board are engaged to answer important questions and provide valuable input. The board must commit to heeding the advice of each advisor unless specific concerns can be identified.
Author:  Beth Mulcahy, Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C.