The spread of COVID-19 and politics continue to be hot topics this week in Arizona.

Our law firm continues to keep a close-eye on the Arizona Department of Health Services data dashboard regarding COVID-19. The bad news: According to several reports published earlier this week, Arizona ranks No. 1 for its rate of new COVID-19 cases and hospitals are experiencing a “surge within a surge”. The good news: Vaccines are being distributed! Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C. continues to receive calls about owners in HOAs and condos testing positive for COVID-19. We strongly suggest that all associations in Arizona conduct virtual board and annual meetings at this time. For helpful tips on how to conduct virtual board meetings or your association’s annual meeting, please review our cheat sheet entitled Tips for Conducting Virtual Board Meetings in COVID-19 Pandemic

Last week, in Governor Ducey’s State of the State, he stressed the importance of getting available vaccines to residents as quickly as possible — stating that mass vaccinations will bring Arizona out of the pandemic. He also announced that State Farm Stadium (Home of the AZ Cardinals) would be a 24/7 vaccination site. In addition to talking about the vaccine, Governor Ducey highlighted the economy, education and mental health in his State of the State address. Governor Ducey reiterated his opposition to “lockdowns” and made it clear that we should not expect to see any in the future.

The Arizona legislature opened its 55th session on January 11, 2021. After 5 days of being in session, 530 new bills have been posted. Lawmakers are already considering several bills that may impact community associations. Mulcahy Law Firm, P.C. is diligently monitoring the bills that may affect our clients and industry. For a listing and summary of the pending bills, please visit our website or click here: 2021 Summary of Pending Arizona Legislation regarding Community Associations


COVID, Politics and the Arizona Legislature!