HB2158: HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATIONS; POLITICAL; COMMUNITY ACTIVITY was signed into law by Governor Ducey on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. This bill applies to both planned communities and condos, and will go into effect 91 days following the conclusion of the 2022 session of the Arizona Legislature.

This new law allows members to display association-specific political signs, homemade or otherwise, on their property from the date an association provides its members written or absentee ballots for a specific election until three days after its completion. While this bill does not allow a community association to prohibit the display of such signs, it does authorize an association to limit the total dimension of the signs to no more than nine square feet. It also allows an association to prohibit the use of any profanity and discrimination on the signs.

Furthermore, HB2158 prevents an association from passing any other rules or regulations except for those under this law.

HB2158 addresses more than just planned community political signs. This law also provides restrictions for community associations regarding the assembly of owners.

The law states that HOAs and condos may not prohibit or unreasonably restrict a unit owner or member’s ability to peacefully assemble and use common elements of the community (indoors and outdoors) so long as it complies with the reasonable restrictions for the use of that property adopted by the board of directors. Additionally, HOAs and condos are required to allow members to post notice of these gatherings and meetings on bulletin boards located on or within the association.

Everything You Need To Know About HB2158