The Arizona Legislature has been busy, with a total of 1,350 bills having been introduced as of last week, several of which may potentially impact community associations. Despite a spike in COVID cases among staff, and potentially members, the Legislature expects to continue moving forward virtually.

Below if a brief summary of bills that we are currently tracking.

• First Responder Flags: this bill would add one or more first responder flags to the list of flags that cannot be prohibited under A.R.S. Section 33-1261(A) & 33-1808(A).

• Political Activity: this bill would prevent a community association from prohibiting or unreasonable restricting members’ ability to peacefully assemble.

• Garnishment: this bill would allow garnishments to request accrued attorney fees, including the fees for the garnishment in a garnishment action if those fees are allowed by the judgment or contract; and, would also require that the Judgment Creditor report legal fees accrued during the reporting period.

• Amendments to Declaration: this bill would reduce the required percentage of votes to amend the declaration from at least 67% to more than 50%, notwithstanding any restrictions in the association’s documents.

For a full summary of all bills, please click here.